Mission: To provide an effective and proactive legal program to accomplish the general objectives of the City, to ensure proper legal implementation of City policies, and to legally defend City actions.

The Legal Department has two divisions - Civil and Criminal.

City Attorney's Office (Civil):

  • Mark Barber, City Attorney    
  • Annaliese Harksen, Deputy City Attorney
  • Michael M. Young, Deputy City Attorney

  • Kari Pitharoulis, Paralegal II

  • Amber Coleman, Paralegal I  

Contact Information:

 The City Attorney's office is located at Olympia City Hall, 601 - 4th Avenue, E, 360.753.8338.    

City Prosecutor's Office (Criminal):

  • Rocio Ferguson, Chief Prosecutor
  • Tye Graham, Assistant City Prosecutor II
  • Beth Hislop, Victim Assistance Coordinator
  • Erica Cervantes, Victim Assistance Intern
  • Tiffani Prouty, Paralegal I
  • Susan Nieves, Paralegal Intern

Contact Information:

 The City Prosecutor's office is located at the Olympia Criminal Justice Center, 900 Plum Street, SE, 360.753.8449.