Lee Creighton Justice Center - Dedication Event

June 28, 2012

Friends, family and collegues gathered to celebrate the formal dedication of the Lee Creighton Justice Center and honor the memory of the man for whom it is named.

In what turned out to be a standing room only event, emotions ranged from joyful to solemn as each person recounted stories of Judge Lee Creighton and how he had impacted their lives.

"What really set Lee apart was his character, and he was quite the character. His humor was infectious. He could make you start laughing about the silliest thing and often tried to do so during meetings or at serious occasions. Then he’d act all serious and stoic while everyone gave me the evil eye for laughing."  -Olympia City Manager, Steve Hall


Speakers included: Olympia Municipal Court Judge Scott Ahlf, Olympia Mayor Stephen Buxbaum, City Manager Steve Hall, City Prosecutor Paul Wohl, Judge Greg Trent, Reiko Callner, and Jennifer, Eli and Amy Creighton.

Lee Creighton

Lee Creighton’s career with the City of Olympia spanned over two decades - first as city prosecutor and then as Municipal Court Judge, serving on the bench until 2006 when he passed away. Creighton became Olympia's first elected Municipal Court Judge in 1998 after a change in state law required election, instead of appointment, of judges.

“Lee Creighton was instrumental in creating the judicial branch within the City of Olympia. He brought three essential attributes to the position and Olympia City government; exemplary ethical standards, professional staff management, and respect and care for everyone who appeared in his courtroom.”  -Olympia Municipal Court Judge, Scott Ahlf

Mayor Stephen Buxbaum looks over new Justice Center signBecause of his legacy, the Olympia City Council unanimously voted to name the city’s new justice center in Creighton’s honor.  The Lee Creighton Justice Center is located at 900 Plum Street SE, the site of Olympia’s former City Hall.  The center now houses Municipal Court Administration and Courtroom, Olympia Probation Services, the Olympia Municipal Jail, and City Prosecutor offices.

"This dedication is not just us telling ourselves how much Lee Creighton meant to us, but it is also us telling future generations of Olympians that we knew that he was something special as a judge and a person – and we expect future Olympians will get the benefit of the quality of justice that he started here."  -Olympia City Prosecutor, Paul Wohl