Traffic Fine Amnesty Day

COVID-19 Impacts

Both Amnesty Day events have been postponed. We will reschedule as soon as circumstances allow. At that time, you will be contacted and, if you are still interested, you will be placed in the schedule ahead of any new registrations.

What's happening?

If you have late fines or fees owing on a traffic ticket or a DWLS 3rd (driving while license suspended) in any court within Thurston County, Amnesty Day is a chance to have those overdue fines or fees removed from collections and reduced or converted to community service. You must pre-register to participate in this event.

Why should I come to Amnesty Day?

If your fines have resulted in a hold on your driver's license (you can't renew your license), then coming to Amnesty Day and having your fines addressed will allow you to get your license reinstated. If you have money owing, this is also a chance to get the amount reduced or converted to community service.

I have tickets in more than one court. Do I have to go to both events?

No. Tickets from any court within Thurston County will be handled at both events. So even if you have tickets in more than one court, you can get them all reviewed at either event.

My ticket is in Olympia Municipal Court. Can I go to the Rochester event?

Yes. Any ticket received in Thurston County can be handled at either location.