Great Employees Providing Great Service

You may know us as the people who collect your garbage and respond to your utility questions as the crews who maintain your water system and keep Olympia's parks and recreation facilities clean and ready for your use.

You may have seen us changing street lights, and relied on our fast response to fire and public safety emergencies.

You may have asked us for directions as we monitored downtown parking, called us with a question about building permits and property codes, and shared your issues and concerns with us at a community meeting.

Perhaps you met us when having fun at a city event or recreation activity, or in a more serious moment when attending municipal court or participating in our award winning probation services program.

Maybe you worked with us as volunteers to plant trees throughout the community, monitor safe boating practices in Budd Inlet, pull invasive ivy from our parks, and keep our streams safe.

Then again, you may have been unaware that behind the scenes we're there for you - day in and day out - maintaining the City's technology, processing your payments and requests, answering City phones, coordinating public meetings, drafting municipal policies and plans, and ensuring that your tax dollars are accounted for and properly use

We're the employees of the City of Olympia - your neighbors and friends. Together we make Olympia the great community it is.