Community Renewal Area Planning (CRA)

Purchase and Sales Agreement

The City Council approved a Purchase and Sale Agreement with Big Rock Capital Partners to sell the former Griswold’s property to them.  They plan on building a 7,000 square foot co-working space that is planned to be managed by the Evergreen State College and the Thurston Economic Development Council.  They also are planning to building 30 apartments in a four story building.  At least 51% of the apartments will be affordable.

Downtown Community Renewal

Olympia’s downtown is the urban center for the entire region supporting key arts, entertainment, business and government resources. While Downtown Olympia is an active and vibrant place with fantastic amenities, many feel that it has not fully realized its potential.

The City is using a planning tool known as Community Renewal Area (CRA) to help transform downtown.

The Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 35.81.010(18) provides for the creation of Community Renewal Areas (CRA) where there are significant blighting influences stating, "there is an urgent need to enhance the ability of municipalities to act effectively and expeditiously to revive blighted areas and to prevent further blight due to shocks to the economy of the state and their actual and threatened effects on unemployment, poverty, and the availability of private capital for businesses and projects in the area."

What We Are Doing

The City has an interest in improving the downtown and would like to work more directly with private property owners and the community to develop an action plan to help downtown flourish. To accomplish this the City has:

  • Retained ECONorthwest to assist in conducting an overview of economic development opportunities and market realities in the community. 
  • Formed an Ad Hoc Community Economic & Revitalization Committee to help guide the process consisting of Mayor Pro Tem and Chair Nathaniel Jones, Councilmember Jim Cooper, and Councilmember Julie Hankins.
  • Formed a Citizens Advisory Committee to provide feedback and input to staff and the consultant as the planning process proceeds.
  • On February 3, 2015, the Council passed a Community Renewal Area (CRA) Resolution forming a CRA boundary and directed staff to work with property owners and developers to develop a specific set of actions for which community renewal powers would be appropriate.
  • On July 12, 2016, the Council adopted both the Community Renewal Plan and a Request for Proposal (RFP) to redevelop the City-owned site known as the former Griswold property.

Additonal Information and Resources

2014 Meeting Schedule for the CERC and CAC

Team Agenda Time PM meeting materials
CERC  Dec 4   4:30   
CERC  Nov 6  4:30 City Calendar Agenda
& Attachments

CRA Open House Event
Moving Forward with CRA
Nov 3  5:30 & 7:00  City Calendar Agenda
& Attachments

CERC Process Summary
Downtown Plan
CRA Principles
CERC Oct 21  4:30 City Calendar Agenda
& Attachments

Moving forward with CRA
CERC  Oct 14    4:30  City Calendar Agenda
& Attachments

CRA Development Roundtable Scope
CRA Options
CRA Timeline Options
 CERC  Sept 18 6:00

City Calendar Agenda
& Attachments

CRA Process to Date & Plan Development

CERC / CAC  Aug 7  4:30

City Calendar Agenda
& Attachments

Capturing Lessons Learned presentation

CERC  July 21    4:30 City Calendar Agenda
& Attachments
CERC June 12   6:30

Joint meeting with
PC Finance Subcom

City Calendar Agenda
& Attachments

CERC May 29    4:30 City Calendar Agenda
& Attachments
CAC  May 15
6:30   Design Scenarios
CERC  April 21
4:30 City Calendar Agenda
& Attachments
CAC  April 5

Urban Design

March 6th Results
Workshop Scope

CERC  March 17
4:30 CRA Economic Chapter
Feasibility Study
Investment Strategy
Workshop Scope
CAC  March 6

Staff Report

CERC  March 6

Feb 12


2B Staff Report
2C Staff Report

CERC  January 30

2013 Meeting Schedule for the CRA - Citizens Advisory Committee

 Time meeting notes other material

 November 20 Agenda

6:30 p.m.  Minutes  

 October 14



1:00 p.m. Minutes

Comp B Feasibility Study

Options Memo - ECONorthwest

Governance Options

Powers Table - City of Shoreline

Legal Memo - Hugh Spitzer

 October 1

Council Agenda

7:00 p.m.  

Comp A Investment Strategy

Comp B Market Analysis Overview

 September 27, 2013

September 24


5:30 p.m.  

Comp A Investment Strategy

Comp B Status Report & Next Steps

August 29


5:30 p.m. Minutes  

August 23


 1:00 p.m.  Minutes

"Draft" Investment Strategy

Project Schedule


July 26


1:00 p.m. Minutes

Section 108 Loan Fund Administration

 July 8 


 5:30 p.m.   Minutes      

Initial Report - Component B

Downtown Data Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

Market Analysis Overview

Component A - Market Analysis Overview

July 1  12:00 Meeting Notes

Discussion of economic redevelopment issues with the Mayor


June 24  12:00 Meeting Notes

Discussion of economic redevelopment issues with the Mayor

Citizens Advisory Committee presentation - 06/20/13

City of Shoreline Council meeting - 6/2/13 

City of Shoreline- Community Renewal Powers

June 20    12:00      Meeting Notes

Discussion of economic redevelopment issues with the Mayor
June 6 5:30 p.m.


Downtown Olympia Economic Redevelopment Study - ECONorthwest June 6, 2013

City of Olympia Community Building Opportunities
June 6, 2013

Land Assembly and Financing for Community Renewal Projects - A Handbook - Hugh Spitzer, Foster Pepper & Shefelman PLLC  April, 2002

2013 Community Renewal Area Request For Qualifications (RFQ)  January 3, 2013

Project Schedule 


Contact Keith Stahley, Director Community Planning and Development, at 360.753.8227 or