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We protect and enhance quality of life, sustainability, and safety through our plans, regulations, and programs.

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Hand's On Children's Museum + BlueprintBuilding Permits & Land Use Review

Most construction projects in Olympia will require permits in order to ensure they meet local, State, and National building and safety regulations. In addition, certain types of projects must also first go through a Land Use (Site Plan) review process.

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Extreme Code Enforcement PhotoCode Enforcement

Code Enforcement works in partnership with the citizens of Olympia to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment. We help maintain and improve the quality of our community by enforcing laws and codes targeted to solve specific problems within the community.

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Mallory House, Then and NowHistoric Preservation

Olympia’s history is recorded and reflected in its buildings and landscapes, giving our Capital city a character like no other. The City's Heritage Commission and Historic Preservation Officer support Olympians in celebrating, caring for, and finding new uses for the historic places we treasure.

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Friendly parking officerParking Services

Parking Services manages a variety of parking options to meet the needs of all users including metered and timed on-street spaces, monthly leased lots, and a permit program for residents.

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Planning sessionPlanning

Plans are the foundation of much of what we do in the City. They guide our actions and ensure the goals set by the City Council are met and help make the community's vision for Olympia a reality.

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Legion Way TreesUrban Forestry

Our Urban Forestry team plans and manages major street tree planting projects, inspects, prunes or removes hazardous trees in the City's right-of-way and provides information and resources to homeowners, builders and developers.

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