Equal Benefits

The Olympia City Council passed Equal Benefits Ordinance 6304 on March 16, 2004, requiring contractors on City contracts estimated to cost $50,000 or more to provide health insurance benefits to their employees with domestic partners equivalent to those provided to their employees with spouses. 

Contractor Compliance Form (PDF)
Equal Benefits FAQs
Domestic Partnership Registration

Quick Reference Guide

How will compliance with Olympia's Equal Benefits Program affect my employee benefits policy?

If you wish to enter into a contract with the City of Olympia, and you... The law requires...
Have NO employees NO CHANGE to your benefits policy
Currently do NOT provide benefits to any employees     NO CHANGE to your benefits policy
Currently provide a benefits package that covers employee only (NOT spouse) NO CHANGE to your benefits policy
Currently provide an employee benefits package that covers employees' spouses     That you offer an equivalent benefits package to employees with a domestic partner

For more information on Equal Benefits, please call the Olympia City Clerk's Office at 360.753.8325. Return to the City Clerk's Home Page.