Quarterly or Annual B&O Tax Report

Address and B&O Filing Information

Please note our address and B&O tax return filing requirements have changed. View the Address and B&O Filing page for more information.

B & O Tax Changes

In order to comply with RCW 35.102.130, the City of Olympia has enacted several changes to its B&O tax code. These changes are effective January 1, 2008 for first quarter returns due April 30, 2008 and 2008 annual returns due January 31, 2009.

Allocation. Gross income derived from all activities other than those taxed as service shall be allocated to the location where the activity takes place. For retail and wholesale classifications, this means the point of delivery of the item(s) sold.

Apportionment. Gross income derived from activities taxed as services shall be apportioned to a city by multiplying apportionable income by a fraction, the numerator of which is the payroll factor plus the service-income factor and the denominator of which is two. This may seem complicated, but this is how the State law concerning municipal B&O tax was written.

Here are some forms and instructions to help implement this new portion of our tax code.

B & O Tax Forms

Various Form Formats


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The City of Olympia’s Business and Occupation Tax is due and payable quarterly for businesses with annual gross taxable revenue of $750,000.00 or more.  It is due and payable annually for businesses with annual gross taxable revenue of less than $750,000.00. Due dates for quarterly filers are the same as those established by the State of Washington Dept. of Revenue for the State Business and Occupation Tax. The due date for annual filers is January 31 for the preceding calendar year. City of Olympia tax returns are mailed, so please notify both the State of Washington (1-360-705-6741) and the City of Olympia (360-753-8327) about any business address change. You may also download blank City B&O tax returns from this page.

  • If your TOTAL GROSS income is less than $5,000 for the quarter, or $20,000 per year, simply enter -0- for tax due and return the form.
  • If income is in excess of the above amounts, enter your gross revenue in Column 2 - opposite the applicable business classification (see below).
  • Allowable tax deductions, which must be itemized as to type in the detail of Column 3 - TAX DEDUCTIONS, are then entered in Column 3.
  • Column 3 is subtracted from Column 2 and the total entered in Column 4, Taxable Amount.
  • Multiply this figure by the rate shown and enter in Column 6.

Tax Rates

Extracting .001 (1/10 of 1%)
Manufacturing .001 (1/10 of 1%)
Wholesaling .001 (1/10 of 1%)
Retailing .001 (1/10 of 1%)
Retail Service .001 (1/10 of 1%)
Printing and Publishing .001 (1/10 of 1%)
Public Road Construction (included in retailing) .001 (1/10 of 1%)
Service and Other Activities .002 (2/10 of 1%)


Contact Information:

  • Address: Olympia City Hall | 601 4th Avenue E.
  • Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday
  • Phone: 360.753.8327
  • Email: licensing@ci.olympia.wa.us