Comparison of City of Olympia Tax Ordinances

Olympia B&O Tax
Summary of Change from Core Model B&O Tax Ordinance
  Includes discretionary definitions for the following as suggested in the Model Guidelines: Includes additional definitions for the following (not included in the Model Guidelines):
(OMC 5.04.040)
  • Advance
  • Reimbursement Agricultural Product
  • Farmer Artistic or Cultural Organization
  • Competitive Telephone Service Consumer
  • Director
  • In this City, within this City
  • Newspaper, Magazine, Periodical
  • Non-profit corporation or Non-profit organization
  • Office, Place of Business
  • Precious Metal Bullion or Monetized Bullion
  • Processing for Hire
  • Product, Byproduct
  • Royalties
  • Software, Prewritten Software or Canned
  • Software, Custom Software, Customization of Canned Software, Master Copies, retained
    Rights (variation)
  • Tuition fee
(OMC 5.04.050)
Agency—sales and
services by agent,
consignee, bailee,
factor or auctioneer
Explains under what conditions a taxpayer is acting merely in the capacity of a broker or agent when selling tangible personal property or services.  
(OMC 5.04.060)
Imposition of the tax.

Tax Rates for the following Classifications (Tax rates
are discretionary):

  • Extractor: 0.1% (.001)
  • Manufacturer: 0.1% (.001)
  • Wholesale: 0.1% (.001)
  • Retail Services: 0.1% (.001)
  • Retail Sales: 0.1% (.001)
  • Printing; Publishing, Printing and publishing;
    Processing for hire; Extracting for hire: 0.1% (.001)
  • Service & Other: 0.2% (.002)
(OMC 5.04.110)

Exemptions included for the following:

  • Non-profit organizations exempt from Federal
    Income Tax under Section 501(C)(3) of the
    Internal Revenue Code (except retail sales)
  • Certain Fraternal and Beneficiary Organizations
  • Certain Corporations Furnishing Aid and Relief
  • Operation of Sheltered Workshops
  • Credit Unions
  • Health Maintenance Organization, Health Care
    Service Contractor, Certified Health Plan
    Gross Receipts Taxed under other Olympia
  • Municipal Code Sections
  • International Banking Facilities
  • Insurance Business
  • Farmers - Agriculture
  • Boxing/Wrestling Exhibitions
  • Ride Sharing

Exemptions included
for the following:

  • Community Events
    and Farmers Markets

  • United States gross
(OC 5.04.120)

Deductions provided for the following:

  • Membership Fees and Certain Service Fees for Non-profit Youth Organizations
  • Fees, Dues, Charges
  • Artistic and Cultural Organizations
  • Day Care Activities
  • Compensation from Public Entities for Health or Social Welfare Services – Except Employee Benefit Plans
  • Interest on Investments or Loans Secured by
    Mortgages or Deeds of Trust
  • Interest on Loans to Farmers and Ranchers
  • Producers or Harvesters of Aquatic Products, or
    their Cooperatives
  • Interests on Obligations of the State, its Political Subdivisions, and Municipal Corporations
  • Repair Maintenance, Replacement of Residential
    Structures and Commonly held Property
  • Sales of Precious Metal Bullion and Monetized Bullion
  • Rentals of Boarding Homes
  • Radio and Television Broadcasting –Advertising Fees

Deductions provided
for the following:

  • Distribution Affiliate or Cooperative
  • Transport of Empty
  • Interstate Trucking