Plans in Progress

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Planning for Our Future 

Planning sessionPlans are the foundation of much of what we do in the City. They guide our actions and ensure the goals set by the City Council and the community are realized.

Planning staff in all departments work together with advisory committees, stakeholders, and the general public to ensure that our final, City Council adopted plans are in line with the community's vision outlined in the Comprehensive Plan.

Listed below is a snapshot of some of major planning efforts currently underway. For a comprehensive list of all major plans view our Major City Plans Project Timeline. The timeline provides anticipated public engagement opportunties, staff contact information and links to information available online.  

Working together to plant treesAction Plan

The Action Plan will take the community's vision and goals, as defined in the Comprehensive Plan, and lay out a path by which we can achieve them. It will create opportunities for the City and community members to work together to make a difference in Olympia.

• Learn more about the Action Plan

Stream in OlympiaCritical Areas Ordinance Update

The Washington State Growth Management Act (GMA) requires that cities review their CAO every eight years. The deadline was 6/30/2016. However, because the City has shown "substantial progress" toward completion, we have an additional 12 months.

• Learn more about the Critical Areas Ordinance Update

Pet Parade in Downtown OlympiaDowntown Strategy

The Downtown Strategy will help to make the community's vision and goals for downtown a reality. It will help to foster a rich diversity of places and spaces that will attract and support the people who live, work and play Downtown. The plan is now in the final phase before adoption. 

• Learn more about the Downtown Strategy

Duplex in OlympiaMissing Middle Housing Project

Missing Middle Housing refers to a range of housing types that can provide more than one housing unit per lot (duplexes, adu's, etc.), and is a key component of the Comprehensive Plan. This project will look at how the City can encourage more of these types of developments.

• Learn more about the Missing Middle Project

Sea Level Rise

Global climate forces are predicted to have a powerful local impact. Now is the best time to begin understanding the flooding risks in our Downtown and respond appropriately. The sooner we begin to plan,  the better we can respond proactively.

• Learn more about Sea Level Rise

Sign Code Update

The City of Olympia has not updated its sign code in several years. The existing sign code external link can be confusing to understand by businesses and the public, and can be challenging to administer for city staff.  The new code will be simplified and streamlined.

• Learn more about the update of the Sign Code