Comprehensive Plan - What It Does

The Comprehensive Plan defines our community's vision for OlympiaHow Does Olympia’s Comprehensive Plan Guide the City’s Plans and Actions?

The Comprehensive Plan reflects our community’s vision for the next twenty years. That vision is summarized at the beginning of the Plan. The remainder of the Plan consists of policies that will make the vision a reality.

Below are the steps it takes to get there, from the initial gathering of data to define the vision, to the ultimate goal of having the Plan lead and shape everything we do as a City organization and as a community.

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Step 1

Develop the Community's Vision into a City-wide Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is created by blending public opinion, with data and information, within federal and State laws and regional agreements.

Public Opinion Process

Data and Information

Federal and State Laws, and Regional Agreements

Step 2

Create a Strategy for Carrying out the City's Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan implementation strategy lists and prioritizes the actions needed to make the community’s vision a reality.

  • Short, medium and long-term actions
  • Responsible organizations for leading each action
  • Objective measures to assess whether actions have achieved our desired outcomes

Step 3

Ensure the City's Actions are Consistent with the Comprehensive Plan

The City's service delivery plans, regulations, partnership agreements and other actions must remain consistent with the Comprehensive Plan.

Plans for Delivering Public Services

Construction Regulations

Financial Plans

Community Partnership Agreements

Step 4

Everyday Actions by the City and Community Partners Make the Community's Vision a Reality

All actions taken by the City, its partners, and private development must fit within the plans and regulations in step 3 above.

  • City construction of roads, parks, sidewalks, and sewer or water lines 
  • Private construction of housing, offices or shops
  • Public safety services 
  • Social services 
  • Education and economic development programs