Olympia Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan and Capital Facilities Plan (CFP)

Olympia first adopted a Comprehensive Plan over fifty years ago. This Plan describes the community's long-term vision and goals. In 2014, the City completed 'Imagine Olympia,' a process that resulted in a major update of the Plan. That current Comprehensive Plan, and the Capital Facilities Plan element which includes a 6-year financing plan, can be viewed on-line. 

Proposals to amend the Comprehensive Plan can be submitted at any time. To assure consideration in 2016, proposals must have been submitted to the Olympia Community Planning and Development Department by 5:00 p.m., Monday, November 2, 2015.

  • All preliminary proposals are scheduled to be reviewed by the Council on March 15. Those deemed 'worthy and appropriate' for further consideration will be referred to the Planning Commission for review during 2016. Application fees will be due prior to Commission review.
  • The Commission will host one or more public hearings and make a recommendation to the City Council regarding each proposal. Final review by the Council will conclude in the latter half of the calendar year.

If you have questions about either the Plan or the amendment process, please contact Joyce Phillips, Senior Planner, at 360.570.3722 or cpdinfo@ci.olympia.wa.us.  

Community, Safety, & Health

  • Inclusive, Respectful, Civic Participation
  • A Safe & Prepared Community
  • Health and Wellness
  • Adequate Food and Shelter
  • A Quality Education



A women in a toy store
  • A Vibrant, Attractive Urban Destination
  • A Safe and Welcoming Downtown For All
  • A Mix of Urban Housing Options
  • A Variety of Businesses
  • Connections to Our Cultural & Historic Fabric
  • Engaging Arts & Entertainment Experiences



A women buying produce
  • Abundant Local Products and Services
  • A Thriving Arts and Entertainment Industry
  • Sustainable Quality Infrastructure
  • A Stable Thriving Economy



Boy planting a tree
  • Clean Water & Air
  • A Daily Connection to Nature
  • Preserved Quality Natural Areas
  • A Toxin-Free Community
  • A Waste-Free Culture



People painting a mural
  • Distinctive Places & Gathering Spaces
  • Nearby Goods & Services
  • Neighborhoods that are Engaged in Community Decision Making
  • Safe and Welcoming Places to Live