Olympia's Action Plan

Citizen Survey Results

Data for several of the community indicators was collected with a citizen survey completed in December 2017 by Elway Research, Inc. In addition to gathering indicator data, the survey also included questions to inform City service prioritization and engagement methods.

Olympia Onward report cover and sample pages

Olympia Onward!

The second Annual Report is available now. Olympia Onward tells the story of our commitment to making our community vision real. The Report highlights stories of success, priorities for the year, and community indicator data to track our progress.

What is the Action Plan?

In 2014, the Olympia City Council adopted a new and ambitious community vision to guide how we grow and develop over the next 20 years. We have taken that vision and identified five focus areas that help us organize, track and share our progress. For each of these five focus areas, we’ll annually:

  • Check our progress using the indicators on the Community Indicator Dashboard
  • Engage in community-wide conversations on priorities, and
  • Invest our time and money towards achieving our community vision

Focus Areas

Community Indicators

The Action Plan includes 31 community indicators to help us track and share our progress. The data will help us learn if our strategies and actions are effective.

If we aren’t moving the needle on our indicators, we can adjust our priorities, or explore new partnerships to help us be more successful.

Annual Update Process

Each year, City staff will update the Action Plan to include what has been accomplished and what actions we want to continue or start next.


Contact Stacey Ray at 360.753.8046 or takeaction@ci.olympia.wa.us

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