Downtown Action Area


Olympia’s Comprehensive Plan Vision for Downtown is…

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  • A Vibrant, Attractive Urban Destination
  • A Safe and Welcoming Downtown For All
  • A Mix of Urban Housing Options
  • A Variety of Businesses
  • Connections to Our Cultural& Historic Fabric
  • Engaging Arts & Entertainment Experiences

Results Map

The Downtown results map is our “road map.” It shows what strategies we will follow and actions we will take to achieve our vision. Many of the actions listed on the map will be led by the City initially, but we will be reaching out to many different government or community organizations to add new actions to the map or partner with us to carry out existing actions.    

Community Indicators 

Community indicators help us track and share our progress in achieving our vision. We will use the data to support evaluating if our strategies and actions are effective. If what we’re doing isn’t working, we can explore other actions or seek out new partners to help us be more successful. View the list of all indicators on our indicator dashboard .

Downtown Indicators:

  • Sales tax revenue
  • Retail/office vacancy rates
  • Housing mix (market rate to low income ratio)
  • Peak-hour parking occupancy on weekdays 
  • Percent of survey respondents rating Downtown as clean and safe 
  • Number of community-wide arts venues or special events
  • Number of historic and cultural sites

Questions/Feedback Contact:

For more information, contact Stacey Ray, Community Planning and Development, at 360.753.8046 or

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