Tons of Solid Waste Per Capita Going to Landfill


How are we Doing?

Baseline: 4.30 lbs / capita / day / 2006

Most Recent: 2.97 lbs / capita / day / 2015

Goal: Decrease

Target: 5% reduction by 2020

Status: Green

Why is this indicator important?

The amount of garbage disposed to landfill is a reflection on the City's effort in moving toward zero waste. It can be an indicator of better recycling and composting decisions, better purchasing habits, and less overall consumption. In essence, it is a measure of wastefulness.

What influences this indicator?

Solid waste sent to the landfill is influenced by citizen and business purchasing and disposal habits. It is also influenced by the City's collection system, and education and outreach programs. A strong or weak economy may also influence disposal behaviors.

What are we doing about this?

The City of Olympia provides its own garbage and recycling collection services through its Waste ReSources Utility with an emphasis on recycling and composting convenience. The City provides education, outreach and technical assistance to its citizens and businesses. In 2015 the City adopted a new six-year plan for managing its solid waste.

The Utility will continue to promote successful programs such as:

  • GrassCycling
  • 3rd Grade Eduction
  • Multi-family Outreach
  • Business Technical Assistance and Waste Assessments
  • Saturday Drop-off Site

Key strategies outlined in the 2015 Plan include continued work toward City-provided commercial recycling services and a middle school education program.

How do we measure progress on this?

Solid waste tons (garbage, recycle and organics) hauled by the City are tracked daily and recorded in monthly and annual totals by the utility. The Utility has a robust set of historical data going  back over 20 years. These data are valuable in analyzing trends and helping plan new strategies.