Emergency Fire Response Times

Community, Safety, & Health

How are we Doing?

Baseline: 10.02 mins or less in 9/10 calls

Most Recent: 10.05 mins or less in 9/10 calls

Goal: Decrease

Target: Decrease

Status: Yellow

Why is this indicator important?

In fire and emergency medical situations the response time, or the time it takes from recognition of a problem to the arrival city resources capable of intervening in the situation is critical.  Shorter response time generally correlate to better outcomes..

What influences this indicator?

The location of fire and emergency medical resources when a call for help is initiated (station location, number of stations and availability of the assigned unit), the size of response area and the traffic congestion encountered enroute to a call for service directly impacts the response time.

What are we doing about this?

The Olympia Fire Department reviews the specifics of all of our calls:

  • number
  • location
  • type of calls
  • reaction time (the time it takes firefighters to get into their response vehicle and safely begin toi respond getting to the vehicle and actual driving time
  • drive time

Information from this review is analyzed for changes/improvements in:

  • process
  • station location
  • number of available unit

How do we measure progress on this?

Total number of responses and response time data is reviewed monthly.  Our goal is to maintain the response times Olympian’s currently receive even with the increase in demand for service.