Percentage of City Located within 1/2 Mile of a Park or Open Space


How are we Doing?

Baseline: 56.5% in 2015

Most Recent: 58.5% in 2016

Goal: Increase

Target: 90%

Status: Yellow

Why is this indicator important?

Having a park or open space walking distance from one's home provides a convenient place to get some exercise, to take the kids to play, to take the dog for a walk, or even to experience a little bit of nature within the city.  It gives people an opportunity to visit their local park or open space without having to drive.  Parks and open spaces also serve as community gathering places, as well as contribute to a neighborhood's character and sense of place.

What influences this indicator?

This indicator is primarily influenced by the number and location of parks and open spaces within Olympia's inventory.  It is also influenced by the location of park access points in relation to the city's street network. Both of these influences are factors the Olympia Parks, Arts and Recreation Department incorporates into its long-range planning and acquisition strategy.

What are we doing about this?

The 2016 Parks, Arts and Recreation Plan calls for the acquisition of ten new combination neighborhood parks/open spaces. 

The plan calls for a total of 417 acres of land acquisition. Five acquisitions totaling 343 acres are planned for by 2021.

The City is also exploring creating new park access points in cases where this will make the park walking-distance to substantially more residences.

How do we measure progress on this?

Utilizing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping software, we annually map our park system to determine what percentage of the city is within walking distance to a park or open space. Each year, through acquisitions and development of new park access points, we strive to increase the percentage of the City that is within a 1/2 mile walk.