100 Percent Compliance with Clean Drinking Water Standards


How are we Doing?

Baseline: 100% in 2015

Most Recent: 100% in 2016

Goal: Maintain

Target: 100%

Status: Green

Why is this indicator important?

Safe drinking water is critical for the community and natural environment.  This involves protecting groundwater and promoting water conservation, as well as ensuring that our drinking water meets federal and state standards.  Olympians recognize that the water they use comes from groundwater supplies that need to remain plentiful and unpolluted by our “above-ground” activities. The City’s Drinking Water Utility aims not only to preserve the supply of this resource, but to keep it clean – both for us and for the plants, fish and wildlife that also depend on it.

What influences this indicator?

What we do "above-ground" can greatly impact in a negative way, the quality of the groundwater, therefore, being good stewards of our environment protects our drinking water system.  Learn about ways to protect groundwater, such as natural yard care and proper disposal of used oil and other harmful products.

What are we doing about this?

  • Monitoring of surveillance wells to detect any contamination before it reaches our production wells.
  • Weekly compliance monitoring to ensure we meet or exceed state and federal standards.
  • Implementing programs to change behaviors that threaten groundwater quality, and that raise awareness about aquifers and the need for groundwater protection.
  • Continually encouraging water conservation through a variety of rebates, incentives and give-aways.
  • The City ranked 11th in the nation, for our size, in pledging to conserve water.
  • Working towards a goal of reducing indoor water use by 100,000 gallons per day by 2020.  We are on track with water savings of 20,456 gallons per day in our first year (2015).
  • Maintaining our infrastructure so there are fewer instances where contamination from water main breaks or leaks will occur.
  • View the City's most current water quality report.

How do we measure progress on this?

Over the course of any one year we monitor approximately 160 different water parameters, sampling on a weekly basis. We obtain 100 percent compliance with state and federal regulations.  We also monitor water use through water meters and design programs to encourage less water use by customers.