Number of Arts-Related Businesses


How are we Doing?

Baseline: 410 (2010)

Most Recent: 424 (2015)

Goal: Increase

Target: TBD

Status: Green

Why is this indicator important?

Arts-related businesses are those that host or support the creation, displaying, or sales of art, such as theaters, galleries, supply stores, or work spaces.  These businesses and the creative people they employ stimulate innovation, and play an important role in building and sustaining economic vibrancy.

What influences this indicator?

A number of factors influence whether arts-related businesses locate and flourish in Olympia, including: the perception of Olympia as an arts community, the affordability of artist's housing and studio space, the general health of our downtown, and the local and national economy. The City can play a support role in influencing many of these factors.

What are we doing about this?

While the City has no direct ability to directly influence this indicator, they are able to help shape an environment that is conducive to attracting arts-related businesses.

The City's recent investments in arts infrastructure such as the Washington Performing Arts Center's façade and the Hands On Children's Museum structure as well as ongoing investment in public art helps create strong arts anchors in Olympia. This demonstrates the City's support for the arts and contributes to a creative, vibrant community. The non-profit Olympia Artspace Alliance continues to work toward the community goal of artist live/work housing, And Olympia's bi-annual Arts Walk celebrates the arts as a defining characteristic of our community.

How do we measure progress on this?

These numbers are part of the Creative Industries report assembled bi-annually by the national organization Americans for the Arts. Analysis of these numbers annually will provide a snapshot as to the economic health of arts-related businesses in our community, which we hope will continue to grow and strengthen over time.