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The City's operating budget shows how much revenue we expect for the year, where it comes from, and how we plan to spend that money for our day to day expenses.

You can now view the City's real-time budget and financial information online, anytime at OlyFinance.

Operating Budget

The final operating budget document for the year is available in February/March.

Quarterly Budget Reports

Past Budgets & Financials

Collage. Priorities, Performance Investments

How the City budget is developed

In Olympia, we Budget Different. The City budget isn't developed behind closed doors. Instead, we use a unique process called PPI (Priorities, Performance and Investments).

We start by gathering the community's Priorities, then we continually evaluate our Performance so that we can adjust our Investments as necessary to achieve the community's vision.

Cover samples of CFP and CAFR

Other financial documents

Capital Facilities Plan (CFP)

The CFP is a 6-year spending plan for major projects and infrastructure improvements. The CFP is available each December.

Comprehensive Financial Report (CAFR)

The CAFR reports the City's actual revenues, expenses, assets (what we own), and liabilities (what we owe). The CAFR is available each July.


Contact Administrative Services at adminservices@ci.olympia.wa.us