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About Five Things

Current five things coverFive Things is a City of Olympia utilities publication that showcases your utility dollars at work.

It highlights recent success stories, important information about our programs and services, helpful tips, and opportunitities for you to make a difference by helping to conserve resources, reduce uneccessary waste, and keep rates low.

Five Things is mailed out to all City utility customers with each bill and is made available online for customers who choose paperless billing.

You may downoad the complete PDF or view the individual articles below.

Five Things Article 1Water Use Efficiency

WateWise Olympian's have proved their dedication to water use efficiency by exceeding our goal of reducing consumption by 5% per service connection. During the 2009-2014 planning period, water use decreased by almost 9%. This is the equivalent of 98 million gallons of water saved!

Need help conserving our precious drinking water for future generations? Visit for tips, incentives, and rebates.

Where Does Our Water Go?

The 2.5 billion gallons produced by the City's water sources in 2014 were used as follows:

  • 81% - metered customers
  • 10% - wholesale customers
  • 1% - authorized, but unmetered use

That leaves 8% of water produced lost. This is attributed to water main breaks, leaks and theft of water. The State of Washington requires water loss to be below 10% of production

Five Things Article 2Smart Irrigation Month

With the outdoor watering season underway, please make sure you have inspected your irrigation system for leaks and broken spray heads. Also check to make sure spray heads haven't shifted direction to unnecessarily water driveways and sidewalks. Less is more when watering. July is Smart Irrigation Month in Olympia.... 

July is Smart Irrigation Month in Olympia! Homeowners typically overwater lawns and landscapes by up to 30%. By selecting and planting carefully, watering wisely and maintaining and upgrading automated irrigation systems, you can save water, save money and see better results.

Help cut outdoor water waste by watering "smart" this July and all summer long! See side panel for incentives and rebates available to City water customers. Smart Irrigation Month is an initiative of the Irrigation Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting efficient irrigation.

Irrigation System Rebates


  • Rain Sensor - FREE Turns system off when raining.Smart Controller Rebate - $200 Automatically adjusts watering times based on weather conditions.


  • Efficient Irrigation Rebate - Up to $2,500 Standard and custom rebates available depending on upgrades made.

Visit for more information on these and other rebates.

Five Things Article 3WaterWise - Customer Spotlight

In 2012, the Olympia Parks, Arts & Recreation Department worked with the City’s Water Conservation Program to assess and develop a Landscape Water Management Plan for City parks and facilities with irrigation systems. Since then...

Since then, the Parks Department has done a fantastic job managing irrigation water use. Last year, with their Efficient Irrigation Rebate, Parks was able to expand their irrigation control system that adjusts watering to match weather and warns irrigation managers when leaks are

In addition to smart watering practices, they have installed high-efficiency toilets in most park restrooms. Thank you Olympia Parks for being WaterWise, we applaud your efforts!

Reclaimed water...Did you know?

  • Produced by cleaning the water we use once and discard every day
  • Effective conservation strategy
  • 10 million gallons irrigates parks and flushes toilets
  • Replenishes groundwater and streams
  • Meets the highest quality state standards for many uses except drinking
  • Reduces discharge of treated wastewater to Budd Inlet

Five Things Article 4Indoor Conservation - What You Can Do

Simple adjustments to your home and your behavior can make you a WaterWise Olympian. Bathroom: Toilet flushing is the single highest use of water in the average home. If you replace older, high-flush volume toilets in your home you could save as much as...

If you replace older, high-flush volume toilets in your home you could save as much as 34 gallons of water per day! Try reducing your time in the shower by a few minutes to further increase your savings. Laundry: Washing machines account for the second highest use of water, about 22%, of household use. By replacing an older machine with a high efficiency model you can save about 29 gallons of water per day. Kitchen: While washing dishes may only use a relatively small amount of water compared to overall home use, here are a couple tips to keep you WaterWise: run the washer only when full; avoid pre-rinsing
dishes; and install a newer high efficiency model to reduce your use by another 5 gallons.

Residential Rebates

  • Indoor Water Saving Kits - FREE Includes a low-flow showerhead, bathroom and kitchen sink aerators and toilet leak detection tablets.
  • High-Efficiency Toilets - $100 Up to three rebates per residence for qualifying 1.28 gpf or less toilets.
  • High-Efficiency Washing Machines - $50-$100 One rebate per residence on qualifying machines.

Visit for more information and rebate applications.

Five Things Article 5Energy Efficiency - The Water-Energy Nexus

Saving water means saving energy! Did you know that water and energy are closely linked? The clean, high-quality drinking water that flows through your tap requires energy in order to reach your home. So when you reduce your household water use, you are not only...

So when you reduce your household water use, you are not only saving energy used to treat and move water, but also the energy your own home uses. Along with all the water we heat for home use, there are many opportunities to become water and energy efficient all at the same time! Puget Sound Energy has a variety of rebates and incentives designed to reduce your energy consumption. Save water, save energy, save money! See side panel for more information.

Residential PSE Rebates

  • HomePrint™ Energy Assessment - FREE
  • High-Efficiency Washing Machines - $50
  • Storage Water Heater Rebate - $50
  • Heat Pump Water Heater Rebate - $500-$800

Visit for all available PSE rebates, more information and rebate applications.