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What's New in Olympia

  • NEWS RELEASE - City AFFIRMS COMMITMENT TO FIGHT CLIMATE CHANGE. The City of Olympia is highly disappointed in the decision of the Trump Administration to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord. More...
  • OLYMPIA ONWARD! The first Annual Community Report on the Action Plan is available now. The Report highlights our priorities, shares stories of success, reports on our indicators, and tells the story of our community’s commitment to making our vision for Olympia real. More...
  • DOWNTOWN STRATEGY UPDATE. Olympia's Downtown Strategy was adopted on April 25. View the document now on our Downtown Strategy page.
  • 2017 ADOPTED OPERATING BUDGET. The 2017 Adopted Operating Budget is available for viewing.
  • 2017-2022 ADOPTED CAPITAL FACILITIES PLAN. The 2017-2022 Adopted Capital Facilities Plan is now available to view online. For more information on Olympia’s Budget process or how you can be involved please see our Budget 365 page
  • OLYMPIA MUNICIPAL CODE. Quick link to codes and standards including Olympia Municipal Code.
  • MEETINGS. Agenda and Minutes for City Council and most advisory committees.