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What's New in Olympia

  • Budget. The 2015 Preliminary Budget is now available for viewing.
  • APPLY NOW FOR DOWNTOWN SAFETY PROGRAM FUNDING. Any downtown property owner, non-profit or business owner can submit a project proposal for the Downtown Safety Program which is part of the City Council’s initiative to create a safe and welcoming downtown for everyone. Submittal deadline is 5:00 PM, December 1, 2014. More...
  • STREETLIGHT CONVERSION PROJECT. PSE will begin converting their streetlights to LED this month. This will complete the Streetlight conversion Project the City started in 2013. More...
  • COMPREHENSIVE PLAN UPDATE. Olympia's Comprehensive Plan is in the final stages of the update process. You can view the latest draft or learn more about the process on our Imagine Olympia page.
  • Capital Facilities Plan. The 2015-2020 Preliminary Capital Facilities Plan is now available for online viewing.
  • Olympia Municipal Code. Quick link to codes and standards including Olympia Municipal Code.
  • Meetings. Agenda and Minutes for City Council and most advisory committees.